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okay I guys and welcome to the show today I am reviewing two chronograph watches from a very interesting a new company called undone now before I get into this I will of course do my wristwatch check and I'm wearing oh God look look at the anti-reflective coating on that domed Safa double don't sapphire crystal yes I'm wearing my custom modded skx actually it's quite interesting that I chose to wear this today this is actually modified but costing around about three times as much well twice three times as much as the modification on the chronographs were talking about and and by the way the guys this is my sk x 0 0 1 3 the panther cup but anyway we're not talking about my beloved SKS they we are talking about these two fantastic

chronographs a little bit of background just to give some context to the significance of this brand and on was started by a chap called Michael Young also known as or aka the Rolex bracelet magician he's quite a legendary collector based in Hong Kong he's a highly regarded craftsman in fact he's been featured in various publications he actually repairs a lot of high-end brands and he started the classic watch repair business in Hong Kong and for over 10 years of experience he eventually became an authorized service center for many big important

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brands including Omega Adam our PGA Beauvais who blow the swatch group and so on I mean the list goes on and on so as I say he's highly respected for his his craftsmanship and those brands acknowledging him as well really does speak for itself a remarkable achievement so then in a couple of years ago he started undone wanted to take his expertise and his passion of watch collecting into providing something a little bit more affordable it was I think it was I'm pretty sure it was a Kickstarter brand originally first they came out with a diver that was customizable music quite an innovative online customization 'old store I guess you could say then later on they brought out the urban the urban chronograph which is what we are taking a look at today so this is my urban chronograph and as you can see it's got TGV on the dial I'll put up a shot now of the actual process because I think it's it's really quite clever very easy to use so you go to their website you can select the dial out of a whole variety dials and dials I've got to say you can tell it's been put together by a true enthusiast or connoisseur because the designs you know you've got a little bit of speedy esque influence in there you've got some that are very reminiscent to the hires some

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that are very modern and Bauhaus and others that are you know play on the whole pander maybe a little bit Daytona you could even say so there's really a fantastic array of dials to choose from then you can select the hands all different colors and then the strap and the actual case but above that then you add an extra layer of at slightly extra cost of being able to custom print on the dial and on the case back the one I went for it was glass printing which you can upload an image which i think is just fantastic you can select fonts or perhaps you want an inscription etched and you can have you know a special message or perhaps even if this is intended as a gift I think it's pretty nifty idea that you can have a dedication edged on the back very very cool indeed now of course you don't have to go in for the all the customization but I think it's it's vital to talk about how unique and and integral it is to the brand this this procedure very easy and I have to admit that I did this several times purely out of fun really safe which worked maybe I shouldn't admit that but yeah a little bit nerdy but it was really fun and then finally you know with the case I I decided on gold planting which

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is you know not something I typically do and this was the result so I went in for this very kind of 1930s or early 40s style dial with the two sub dials it's very reminiscent of actually some of the late 1930s early 1940s amigas if you remember I've talked about that great length of my infatuation with the 33.3 caliber make is especially also done by two so this also has a striking resemblance to the gal a multi cron but of course far more affordable now if you don't want to go in for the customization they also have a set kind of you know a whole plethora of pre-designed options and this is one of them is this actually borrowed in from my girlfriend market Long Island watches he does stock what is called the mystique collection I'm not sure if he stocks the classic kilee and some of the others but he does stop this I had to borrow it because I mean just just look at that dial it's absolutely exquisite the way it plays with the light that beautiful hue of what it's like several blues in there but that sunburst effect so this is the mystique from the mystique collection this is actually called the mercury but we'll come back to this because I think this is a really interesting watch to talk about let's get the basic specifications out of the way first so the diameter is 40 millimeters we've got a thickness of 13 millimeters lug to lug is a smidgen under 47.5 and then the lug width is 20 millimeters so a really perfect size I mean you know it's a size that okay it's a lot more modern if I bring in one of my vintage Rhona graphs you can see there this is a little 35 millimeter piece very similar aesthetic I am slightly obsessed with the telemeter markings it's a complication quintessentially 1930s and 1940s I just love the way it looks you know I mean nobody needs to time or figure out how far away in an artillery position this anymore that's probably why they were so favorable back in the day but anyway so the hands I went for I went for these leaf style hands gold for the hour and minutes and then a blued second hand because the leaf style hands are very slightly faceted they do play with the night nicely so I thought it works in in my opinion a bit better with the with the gold-tone and also to match the case so the case is 3 1 6l stainless steel and we get a really nice kind of contrast of brushed in in a downwards direction on the sides and then that double step of the bezel which is very like the base of a Doric column typical of this era very deco ish as well straight angular lugs that that angled downwards and then we have the two pushers and even a signed crown which is done very very nicely beautiful huge domed this is a hardened mineral crystal so you get that lovely distortion effect as you angle it pardon for the use of a completely made-up words but very vintagey feeling we get a flat onion for the crown no crown guards but again you know I think this is in keeping with the the aesthetic style of chronographs of that era most of the dial designs a slightly later inspired more 60s 50s like you saw earlier then we have a screw in case back with the basic information so it's water-resistant to 30 meters I decided to go with the glass printing so this is actually also a mineral that has been printed on just because I love the black you know and the play on white I wanted to have the lion there it's beautifully done really nicely done quite chuffed with that now they do come on a strap that you decide you know which you specify I went for this really nice kind of concrete gray distress strap these also handmade genuine leather really nice feel to it very kind of supple leather and of course with a little bit of stitching they're quite reminiscent actually of the collar ups so which is a good thing they also do taper nicely but the real best feature about these straps has got to be the little quick-release system it's like a bolt action on a rifle even with gloves on it's easy to take off as you see there I mean it just makes switching out the straps an absolute doddle haven't got the curfuffle of dealing with and there is boom back in there you haven't got the curfuffle of dealing with you know a spring bar tool or anything like that so the dial unequivocally is my

favorite feature just look how it distorts that huge don't sorry I've already talked about it but anyway so you can specify where you want to have your signature I guess or your customization I just had TGV and you can select the front I match the font to those stunning Art Deco numerals look at the curvature on that too and the way the eight is done I mean this is telltale signs that it's been designed by somebody that really knows their vintage watches so we have a 60-minute sub dial at the twelve o'clock for the main chronograph and then your seconds for the time at the six lovely symmetry the telemeter scale in red with a tachymeter scale on the outside in blue the dial is a little cream white and and I've got to say look at the blurring of the of their hands I know it's replica watches painted it's not actually glued hands but it's done very very well I've seen some shoddily painted hands in my time so it does give the that luster of a blued hand very nicely I love how they signed undone at the bottom kind of keeping it clean some of the dial design do have the date so if you want the date complication very easy to add so let's discuss the movement a little bit because this is also quite interesting inside we have the VK 61a the VK series is a mecca quartz movements that are made by cycle and what is mecha quartz well they actually do have mechanical components inside of it it's a combination of your typical quartz but then a mechanical module added on top for the actual sweeping of the seconds if I engage the chronograph you can see there it sweeps at 1/5 of a second so it gives it a little bit of a not it's not butter smooth but it gives you some of that feeling of a you know mechanical watch which is great because there is a little bit of soul to it now this movement is incredibly accurate about plus 20 seconds per month the power reserve is three years it's also where these point out that it is hackable also has a very healthy anti magnetic resistance of 1600 amperes per meter now if you do have the date complication added it also has quick set so very very easy to operate news extremely robust very affordable I mean there's no cost of maintenance here you know the battery even with the chronograph running for a few hours a day the battery will last up to three years now another fantastic feature that this chronograph has is that it's a flyback you can stop start with the top pusher or you can just reset it without having to stop start so really really nice indeed I mean you're getting all the benefits of you know modern technology and without the risk this thing here and I have to have one of the Hammers changed and to source the parts you know I'm looking at a possibly at $400 service even though it actually costs around about the same because you know there's tons of vintage chronographs the cost of of fixing this to run it you know make it run as it should and repair them the movement it's just no well I've done a whole video about it so I have a look back no for me I don't mind because I love this watch and I want to see it restored but I'm gonna have to fork out quite a lot of money you don't have any of the headaches of that with you know a modern piece like this so I guess the the question is how does it wear let's pop it on the wrist and find out several moments made on my very skinny six and a quarter interest it actually wears incredibly well the lugs do jut out quite a bit so if you've got the larger wrist you're in luck but if you're also smaller wrist it or more modestly rested I should say it's absolutely no problem at all I have to say the size is the only thing that kind of gives it away as it being modern very seldom were chronographs ever this big from the era that this is inspired by the finishing is magnificent I mean I've seen some really shoddy gold plating in my time from watches costing even more than this so the it does have a fantastic presence a really nice kind of tone to the gold as well it's not too too gold you know it's possible as being a solid gold watch which at the end of the days what it's supposed to do the buckle is also gold-tone although it's brushed which I feel doesn't really go but would discuss that in just a moment it's about sixty grams so very light and and comfortable indeed so anyway let's summarize the watch so I've got to say I'm I'm really quite impressed it's by no means perfect I think it's excellent value the fact that every watch is made to order and assembled in Hong Kong for around about three hundred dollars and even under if if you don't go for the full works is astonishingly good value for money I mean it really is bespoke watchmaking let's be honest it's like anything it's like suits it's like Savile Row it's it's something attributed usually to high-end super luxury very expensive products to get it in a watch of this price I think is fantastic and and the fact that you're able to add a personal touch it just adds to the whole unique charm and fun and enjoyment of the piece you also don't have any of the risk of you

know like like my little Britax here which really has been an eye out known to the hearts of frying vintage chronographs I mean well I exaggerate but you know I don't mind because I'm lovingly restoring this piece but yeah you don't have that headache you have the performance you don't really need to think about it being quartz the cost of ownership is nothing you have to be concerned with maintenance costs etc also you have the added benefit of it being very robust in comparison to vintage pieces in particular which makes it more fun I have to say you know you just don't worry about it I can wear the hell out of this and really not worry about it I mean that mineral crystals is perhaps the only concern but to be honest I think it works even better with the mineral crystal it helps that feeling of authenticity a big positive definitely for this watch has got to be that you can tell it's been designed by enthusiasts it's it's been designed by a collector somebody that really knows watches it's not just some anonymous Kickstarter kind of fashion watch or anything like that you can undoubtedly tell this comes from somebody that really loves or watches and lastly I think has to be addressed I think the website is absolutely genius it is easy to use you get a quite a fun experience choosing and and adding that personal touch it's I have personally have never experienced anything like this before so it's very refreshing I'm extremely excited to see what undone do next so let's discuss the negatives well if we look close up the printing on the dial there leaves a little bit to be desired it's not noticeable on the wrist I mean look I'm doing really close-up macro shots it's not as crisp as the printing on the rest of the doll which I got to say is extremely impressive for a watch of this this price range just look at the scales and how precise they ides magnificently done nothing is out of place which Christmas replica watches is extraordinary at this price point I only wish the the customizable text was a little bit better than my only other negative is I would love to see a slightly smaller size maybe a 38 even a 36 my little vintage Britax here is I think this is a 35 yeah it's gonna be too small for most people I mean look this 40 millimeter size is a crowd-pleaser for I'm guessing but 75% of the audience it's absolutely fine but there are you know a good amount of us that have the smaller wrist my last kind of negative and again I'm finding it very difficult to find anything to critique here is I'm not a fan of this style of buckle I think something a little bit thinner this is too modern in my opinion for the style of the actual head of the watch again you know I'm struggling to find anything negative here I would also like a smidgen

thinner you know it being caught let's let's make the most that court anyway before I go I just want to bring up the the mercury here I'm I have to admit I'm extremely tempted to buying this one as well not that I need it I just find this absolutely stunning and I think it's important to to showcase also some of their pre-designed options like this I've never seen a blue like it I also love the way they've added smaller concentric circles on the inner part of the sub dials absolutely gorgeous as a kind of sapphire blue effect that is mesmerizing and as it fades into black and I also got to say the strap this one comes on is even nicer this is really nice and supple I mean you kind of want to eat it it's and as you can see just a smooth case back there you can see the reflection there of the camera but yeah no engraving nothing I'm almost tempted to to have this engraved and buy a second one it's almost a little bit like the max bill young hands max bills but dare I say

it even more alluring with that blue I mean amazing applied markers and a double applied marker at the 12 exquisite I mean really it's a beauty to behold this piece the mirror finish has a dazzling absolutely dazzling effect and and I love that contrast with the brushing that continues on the lugs this watch is probably my favorite of the two and it's ridiculous because because this is the one I ordered but you know god I'm not gonna have to buy this one as well you guys you can see why I'm so besotted with this incredibly gellick just it's splendid I mean really superb amazing anyway I'm gonna stop rabbiting on and drooling over this over this I have to send this back to mark shoutout to mark at Long Island watches for lending this in and I'm certainly gonna be enjoying my little them purchase from undone very fun indeed smashing stuff very exciting to see where they go next I gotta say definitely gets the pure class stamp of approval anyway guys I'm gonna leave it there let me know your thoughts queries comments opinions all the rest of it down below thank you very very much for watching please don't forget to like this video if you enjoyed it and found it useful and as usual I will catch you in the next one okay