Semi-auto Three-Strip Attaching Chain-Stitch Machine

Collocation Machine HeadVC008-06064
Sewing SpeedMax 2000 SPM
Needle TypeUO×113GS #11
Available Width Of Stitching Platform440mm
Stitch Length6.4mm
Sewing Pattern

Air Consumption40L/min
Air Pressure0.5 Mpa
Dimensions(W)1200×(D)900×(H)1900mm ( With table and thread stand )
VoltageSingle Phase AC200~240V 50/60Hz
Production CapacityCalculate base on the cloth length:600mm、Stitch length: 2mm、 Sewing speed: 2000 SPM、Output: 13 sec/piece

Top Tape Feeding Device

Three motors feed tapes independently, precise

tension control.

Assisted Strip Attaching And Stitching Device

Special design presser foot, quicaly attach and stitch strip, fit perfectly without wrinkles and can adjust according to different materials, widths and thicknesses.

Automatic Cutting And Stacking Affter Sensor Detection

Electric sensor controls cutter. Automatically cut and stack products after stitching. Save labor cost of cutting and stacking. Convenient and quick.

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