CM006-88”6 1/2″
CM006-8/H8″6 1/2″
CM006-8/DS8″6 1/2″
CM006-8/HDS8″6 1/2″
CM006-99″7 1/2″
C006-9/H9″7 1/2″
CM006-9/DS9″7 1/2″
CM006-9/HDS9″7 1/2″
CM006-1010″8 1/2″
CM006-10/H10″8 1/2″
CM006-10/DS10″8 1/2″
CM006-1111 1/2″10″
CM006-11/DS11 1/2″10″
CM006-1313″11 1/2″
CM006-13/DS13″12 1/2″


Special design of the base and knife stand, it is smooth and labor-saving for fabric cutting. Andthere is no cutting inaccuracy while cutting from both sides.
Improved type of knife sharpener, which can prolong the using life of knife. Elaborate abrasive belts, ensure the sharpness of knife-edge.
The motor balances well, no vibration problem whenturns on the power.
Special design of the gears, no noise problem when the abrasive belt sharpens the knife.


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