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手動5.5mm 自動10-13mm

DBX1 #11~#144000

手動5.5mm 自動10-13mm

DBX1 #20~#233500

New trimming mechanism: Very short trimmed thread end (3mm)

Traditional trimming mechanism is a pair of fixed knife and moving knife. The new trimming mechanism is a pair of dual-moving knifes. Thread trimming is made at the point near the needle plate to have a very short trimmed thread end.

Sealed oil tank

Traditional oil tank is open type. DL7200A’s oil tank is sealed type, which the oil will not come out from the machine.

New control panel

Parameters are shown by graphic with English and Chinese, which makesintuitive operation and no need to check manual book.
Hot keys of the functions: layout and setting route are clear. 
The Reset key makes the default setting easily.
Equipped with a plug for Connecting network module.
CapSense Touch Button is economic and practical without the problems of printing film button (broken, fade…etc.)

Function CodeReverse FeedingThread NipperAuto Lifter



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